BIBLIOGRAPHY, Lady Frances: Lady Frances Balfour, Aristocrat Suffragist

Works by Lady Frances Balfour


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________, Lady Victoria Campbell:  A Memoir, London:  Hodder and Stoughton, 1911.
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________, A Memoir of Lord Balfour of Burleigh, K T, London:  Hodder and Stoughton, 1924.
________, Ne Obliviscaris (Dinna Forget), London:  Hodder and Stoughton, 2 vols, 1930.

Articles (partial list):

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________, Review of ‘Mrs. Seller’s Recollections’, Westminster Gazette, April 1907.
________, ‘A Statement Concerning the Position of Crown Court Church, Covent  Garden, London’, (1906), 1-3.
________, ‘Sermons which have Impressed Me:  Wilberforce and Guthrie’, Life and  Work, xxix (1907), 80.
________, ‘Scotland for Ever!’, The Listener, 1 April 1931, 540-541.
________, ‘Social Work amongst Women’ in George Sims, F A McKenzie, Rider  Haggard, Alex M Nicol, Lady Frances Balfour, Clarence Rook, Mrs Harold Gorst.  Sketches of the Salvation Army Social Work, London: The Salvation Army  Printing Works, 1906.
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Contributed to:  James Marchant, ed, The Coming Renaissance, London:  George Routledge and Sons, Ltd, Kegan Paul and Company, Ltd, 1923.

Manuscript Collections:

Henry Asquith Papers, Bodleian, Oxford University
Margot Asquith Papers, Western Manuscripts, Oxford University
Arthur Balfour Papers, British Library
Gerald Balfour Papers, Public Record Office
Astor Papers, University of Reading
Balfour Family Papers, National Records of Scotland
Frances Balfour Papers, National Records of Scotland
Battersea Papers, British Library
Blackburn Papers, Girton College, Cambridge
Blunt Papers, Duke University Library
Campbell Family Papers, Inveraray Castle, Scotland
Courtney Papers, London School of Economics
Desborough Papers, Hertfordshire Record Office
Mary Drew Papers, British Library
Fergusson Papers, Kilkerran House, [Ayrshire Private Collection?]
Glyn Papers, Berkshire Record Office, Reading
Hicks-Beach Papers, Gloucester Record Office
McKenna Papers, Churchill College Library, Cambridge
National Council of Women Records, London Metropolitan Library
Philippa Strachey Papers, TWL, London School of Economics (LSE)
Rathbone Papers, University of Liverpool
Riddell Papers, British Library
Royal Archives, Windsor
Salisbury-Cecil Papers, Hatfield House, Hatfield
Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) Papers, London
Story Papers, University of Glasgow Archives
Travellers’ Aid Society Records, TWL, LSE
Wemyss Papers, Private Collection
Women’s Suffrage Papers, TWL, LSE


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Westminster Gazette
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Women’s Penny Paper
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Women’s Suffrage Record

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